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June 2020
We believe Safety is SO important, that it Demands excellence.
When you work with a distributor member of SafetyNetwork, you can be assured of 2 things: You're speaking with a Safety Solutions Expert AND you're getting the best competitive pricing in the market.
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Culture is an ‘invisible power’ in the organization, that drives, influences, and guides the behaviors of all members of that business. It lives in the perceptions of people, or in simpler terms, in what they ‘believe is the right thing to do’ – where the ‘right thing’ is open to many interpretations.

The ‘right thing’ is mostly defined by management, the leaders, and they translate the requirements for this to everyone else. They design processes to ensure it happens as wanted, they tell everyone what to do - and then they measure whether it has happened.

But then it all goes off the rails!

The message is either misunderstood, or deliberately distorted because it does not suit people lower down the line – especially the middle managers and the supervisors. They have ‘designed’ their work practices over a long time, to minimize effort and maximize outcomes.

Now management want to see more of different efforts, because ‘they’ believe it will create more or better outcomes…but how do they know, how could they know? They don’t know…


  • What is culture and how do you measure it?
  • What is ‘safe’ and how do you measure this?
  • What does a ‘deepsafe’ look like?
  • Creating a new power in your company…
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Industry News

Celebrate National Safety Month This June

We all face risks throughout our lives. The fact is, unintentional injuries have been increasing for decades and are now the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. To reverse this trend, the National Safety Council encourages everyone to keep each other safe during National Safety Month.

You can find free resources at nsc.org/nsm to help spread safety to your co-workers, family and friends on the following topics. The Campbell Institute has relevant research to help your organization move forward on these topics as well...Read More

Education Station
We’re a proud member of SafetyNetwork – Our Sales Solutions Specialists are Safety Equipment Expert (SEE) Certified. They've made a 2 to 3-year commitment, dedicated over 150 hours of training, and go through an annual recertification process to ensure they live up to the level of excellence that safety deserves and to the level of excellence YOU deserve!
What is SEE Certification and how does it make your organization safer?  Watch this 3 minute overview.
Free Resources

ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 is a standard that consists of design, testing, performance and labeling requirements for tool tethering systems and containers used to transport and secure tools and equipment at heights. In this free guide, we cover some of the key things to know about this standard and what's required of employers.

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To learn more about the extensive training our Sales Professionals go through click HERE.
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Message from SafetyNetwork's President
Mike Smeaton, President of SafetyNetwork.

Safety solutions can be complicated and can range from precautionary protection to life saving applications – a generalist just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your safety and going home every day, whole, to see your family. The industrial workforce deserves to work with true experts when it comes to their health and safety programs.

Consisting of North America's top local distributors and the world's leading manufacturers, SafetyNetwork collectively, is on par with any big box distributor out there. The difference is, we’re specialists not generalists. When you work with a SafetyNetwork distributor, you can be assured of 2 things: You're speaking with a safety solutions expert and you're getting the best competitive pricing in the market.

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