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February 2020
We believe Safety is SO important, that it Demands excellence.
When you work with a distributor member of SafetyNetwork, you can be assured of 2 things: You're speaking with a Safety Solutions Expert AND you're getting the best competitive pricing in the market.
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As the number of women in many traditionally male dominated industries like construction and oil & gas increases, it has become more apparent that the same protective solutions used for men are not suitable.

When women arrive on the job site, they often find their PPE to be simply smaller sized versions of men’s protective gear. Along with the rapid increase in demand for women’s PPE comes a need for PPE companies that focus on the unique needs of women in today’s workforce - and in the oil and gas and utility industries, FR clothing that fits correctly is a critical tool.
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Industry News

What to Expect from OSHA in 2020

Proposed rulemakings and initiatives stand out on the agency’s agenda.
Don’t expect the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to slow down as it enters the fifth decade of its existence, following a year of heightened activity in support of its workplace safety mission.

An agency of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), OSHA spent 2019 increasing its number of employer inspections and pursuing new rulemakings and programs. In fiscal year 2019, It conducted.... Read More
Education Station
Our Sales Solutions Specialists are Safety Equipment Expert (SEE) Certified. They've made a 2 to 3-year commitment, dedicated over 150 hours of training, and go through an annual recertification process to ensure they live up to the level of excellence that safety deserves and to the level of excellence YOU deserve!
What is SEE Certification and how does it make your organization safer?  Watch this 3 minute overview.
To learn more about the extensive training our Sales Professionals go through click HERE.
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Message from SafetyNetwork's President
Mike Smeaton, President of SafetyNetwork.

Happy New Year!  2020 is looking bright and our independent distributor members are excited to continue to bring value to you, our customers!  

We've got some great news that we believe will bring you even more value.

AD and SafetyNetwork have announced that the organizations are pursuing a possible merger in the spring of 2020. This partnership would bring together two organizations to create AD’s only safety-dedicated division focused on the growth of independent distributors that specialize in the safety market.  Read the full press release here.

Here's to you, our valued customers and here's to a great and safe 2020!


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